TaylorMade Lethal Practice Ball ~or~ Titleist Velocity Ball 12-Pack

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Perfect throwin' conditions.

Darling, why are you throwing - OW! Ooooh. You found out the truth about my “golfing trip" last weekend.

OK, OK, OK, listen, listen, so you found the OW! balls and you know I didn’t OW! play golf. So, funniest thing, we were totally gonna go to OW! Rubble Pines, we had a foursome booked and everything – whoa, hey, careful, that one almost got me in the – OWWWW! – and I bought those packs of OW! high-quality brand-name refinished mint and practice condition golf balls OW! that you’re throwing at me right n- OW! just like I would if I was OW! going to play golf, which I OW! was.

But then Tim was driving, and you know how Tim is, right honey? Sleazy OW! Tim? Yeah, so sleazy, creepy Tim turns off at the wrong exit OW! and we’re like “where are we OW! going?” and so he’s like “Gentlemen, you can thank me later” OW! and long story short that’s how we wound up at OW! the World Thong Champi- OW! -onships.

Honest, honey, it wasn’t OW! my idea but what could I do? It was OW! one against three and OW! you know I don’t even like thongs, right OW! honey? Boy, there sure are a lot of OW! golf balls in that package, huh? They just keep OW! OW! coming, ha ha.

So you OW! see, sweetie, it was just a simple OW! misunderstanding and I hated it the whole time- oh, you, uh, found that thong under the seat of the car OW! – whoa, just missed my eye, there, honey. Well, see, I can explain OW! that too but you know what? It’ll be easier to talk if you just go ahead and OW! empty out that box first OW! I know I wish I OW! had.

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Tileist Velocity Golf Balls

The new Titleist Velocity golf balls are powered for even more explosive distance. The reengineered, exclusive LSX core produces high initial ball speed for more power off the tee and shorter approach shots into the green. The new, advanced spherically tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design delivers a more penetrating trajectory with a shallower angle of descent for even more roll. New Titleist Velocity golf balls provide power, precision and playable feel.
  • Fast initial velocity for explosive distance
  • Deep downrange peak trajectory
  • Playable feel in the short game
  • Tight, consistent ball flight
  • Model No. 12BLBK-Titleist
  • Includes 12 balls

Reformulated, proprietary LSX core produces fast inital velocity for extraordinary disance on all full swing shots.

The NaZ2 cover formulation harnesses the speed of the reengineered core for more power and more playable feel.

Dimple Design
New spherically tiles 328 tetrahedral dimple design delivers deep downrange peak trajectory for a shallower angle of descent and more roll.


Refinished Mint  (no team or corporate logos, just like new!)
Used & mint refinished golf balls are used golf balls that are reconditioned using a modern process in a factory that manufactures new golf balls. This process does not affect the playability of the golf ball, but brings their cosmetics and performance up to a level where they appear and behave comparable to new golf balls. In preparing for the reconditioning process, balls that are scuffed or have had their cover compromised are not reconditioned and are discarded. Only balls that are perfect in cover but are cosmetically challenged are refinished and sold.




TaylorMade Lethal Practice Balls

Lethal golf ball's revolutionary 5-Layer Construction, Progressive Velocity Technology and Seamless LDP 322 dimple pattern work in conjunction to promote game-changing performance. Lethal combines the most penetrating, wind-defying flight of any TaylorMade ball with the kind of greenside feel and spin that Tour professionals demand, making it the ultimate Tour performance ball.

  • Stamped “Practice” on the side            
  • 5-Layer Technology promotes optimum spin control off every club
  • Seamless LDP (Low-Drag Performance) dimple pattern promotes the most penetrating flight of any  TaylorMade ball
  • STA-White™ cast-urethane cover material promotes optimum feel and Tour-calibur spin
  • Progressive Velocity provides outstanding velocity for any given Swing Speed
  • Model No. V9013901
  • Includes 12 golf balls


"Practice" Condition
These TaylorMade Lethal Practice Golf balls are stamped with the word “Practice” on the side and may have some slight imperfections, many of which are not noticeable nor do they affect the performance of the golf ball.


Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty



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