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Am I only dreaming/Or is this burning an internal frame?

Make no mistake: if I walk out that door, I'm not coming back. For three to five days, until the supplies in my backpack run out.

If you think I'm kidding, try me. I'm finally ready. With these scars on my heart and this High Sierra frame pack over my shoulders, I'm not afraid to turn my backpack and hike right out of your life. God knows I've got enough heartache to last me a lifetime, and enough food and water to last me a little over half a week.

Unless you're willing to change, I'll take my love, my molded foam back panel with AIRFLOW channels, my sleeping bag compartment, and my internal hydration reservoir sleeve and start a new life. Believe me, it will be the last you see of me. Until, like, Thursday, maybe.

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High Sierra Internal Frame Packs

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High Sierra Internal Frame Packs
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