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Listen, towels. We need to talk.

You've been great all these years. You really have. It's been nice having you by my side, always there for me, but well, I've met a new towel: the RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel.

Sorry cotton towel, but this means you'll no longer be accompanying me on my workouts. While you've been unwaveringly loyal to me over the years, you don't keep me twenty degrees cooler than the outdoor ambient temperature. I'm sorry, but it's true. I need more.

Sorry shammy towel, I tried you too, thinking if I draped you around my neck, you would just suck up the sweat that dripped off my body, but you just don't keep me cool like these RealXGear towels do. Not that I should I expect you to, considering how different you are from each other.

Really, I'm sorry. I know you tried hard, but it just didn't work out. The durable cloth of the RealXGear Sports Towel and some water is all I need to keep myself cool.

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RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 2pk

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RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 2pk
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