In honor of National Golf Day on October 4th, here is a mostly factual history of the golf ball:

In the beginning, there were 4 types of golf ball: 

  • the Hairy
  • the Feathery
  • the Gutty
  • the Haskell

It was assumed there was also a wooden ball but our golf scientists tore their hair out stressing that they don't have the evidence to back it up. Plus, it didn't have one of the Little Rascals names that the others were given. 

The names designated what could be found inside. The Hairy contained hair, the Feathery contained feathers, the Gutty contained guts, and the Haskell contained a mysterious glowing substance that fell to Earth one tumultuous night when the blood wolves howled what would later be known as the theme from Cheers

Though the Feathery became the most famous of all golf balls, each lives on in our golfing hearts, particularly when we can buy golf balls for under $5. Enjoy your eagle.

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