Ever since picnicking was introduced into the summer Olympics, athletes have continued to refine the sport.

These days, anyone serious about the sport of picnicking knows that they need the proper equipment to shield themselves from the forces of nature.

Knee pads protect knees from unsightly grass stains, tinted googles protect eyes from the blinding light of the sun, and XTreme Picnix Baxkets™ keep food sheltered from the elements.

But one major problem has continued to plague aspiring picnickers: ants.

More specifically, ants in your pants.

Now, finally, we have equipment to combat this so-called “picnickers plague”. These compression shorts create a seal that protects the most vulnerable parts of your pants from pesky ants.

Great for endurance picnicking or picnic sprints, these compression shorts will keep you ant free for hours and help you go for the picnicking gold!

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HEAD Compression Short 2-Pack, 18 Colors

HEAD Compression Short 2-Pack, 18 Colors
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