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These balls may not be new, but it can be fun to pretend. A lot of fun.

Used balls are great when it comes to price and quality, but they can be embarrassing to use. How many times have you been out golfing with your buddies, only to have them realize you’re playing with recycled balls? Did they laugh at you? Did they hit you? Where did they hit you? That’s horrible.

So what is a bargain-conscious golfer to do? You know that used balls have great performance, but you don’t want people knowing where they’ve been. Sitting in dirty water hazards for weeks or even months. Commingling with other misfired orbs. Being urinated on by aquatic creatures.

Well, worry not, for these refinished balls have been processed to appear just like new balls. No one will ever have to know. “Your balls look so shiny and new!” your golfmates will exclaim as your projectile plops into a water hazard. “Yes,” you chuckle to yourself, “that’s because they are.” You're a liar, but a frugal liar.

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Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls–12pk

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Titleist Pro V1 or V1x Golf Balls–12pk
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