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It's the best board game you've ever played (that involves push ups).

Push ups: they're really good for you but no one likes doing them. Why? Probably because they're really hard and they're not that fun.

But don't worry! With the Power Press Push Up Training System, push ups have never been more fun!

This thing is like a light bright for adults except that you have to do push ups to make it work and it doesn't actually light up.

This thing is like Battleship except that only one person can play at a time and you have to do the same thing on both sides and the thing you have to do on each side is push ups.

This thing is like playing The Game of Life except your whole life is just doing hundreds and hundreds of push ups all day every day. Push ups forever!!!

What's not fun about that? (Probably the push ups.)

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Power Press Push Up Training System
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