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Better than an actual dog.

I got myself a dog for self defense, but she's just too friendly. She's supposed to be my loyal protector but all she does when she meets a stranger is wag her tail and lick their hand and roll over so they can pet her belly.

And if there's treats involved? Then all bets are off. Basically, unless I get attacked by a giant vacuum cleaner, this dog is useless for my defense.

So now when I'm out on those long, dark, scary, late-night dog walks, I carry this flashlight. If anyone comes after me, I know I'll be safe. While the assailant is distracted by my dog's adorable puppy-dog face, I'll be able to take him out with this stun gun so we can escape safely.

Unless the assailant has treats. In that case, we're both in big trouble.

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Guard Dog Stun Gun Flashlights: Your Choice
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