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Alderman Venable: So we're agreed that crosswalk timers at the intersection of Lloyd Street and Waterman Avenue will be increased from 10 seconds to 15.

Unnamed Man: Mic check!

Alderman Venable: What?

Unnamed Man: Mic check!

Alderman Venable: Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Councilwoman Krebel: I think he's doing that "People's Mic" thing that was popular for like five minutes during the Occupy Movement.

Unnamed Man: Mic check!

Alderman Venable: Sir if you have a concern to bring before the committee you can simply approach the podium.

Unnamed Man: My name is Scooter D and I want to address the grievous lack of scooter lanes in Macklin County. I am unable to ride my Razor Electric Scooter safely.

Alderman Venable: Is there some reason you are unable to use the sidewalk or bike lanes?

Scooter D: Those aren't for scooters, though.

Councilwoman Krebel: You can still use them, though.

Scooter D: Scooters need their own lanes! This is fascism!

Alderman Venable: Will security please escort this gentleman out?

Scooter D: You are abusing my rights! Don't taze me! Attica! Atti- Aaaaaaaah ow ow ow ow!

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