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It's the opening night of the play, and you, the stage manager, have a problem. The crucial, climactic scene calls for there to be a plate of spaghetti and meatballs on the dining room table. Well, you've got the spaghetti, just no meatballs.

Now, the leading lady is a staunch vegetarian. Like, she'd refuse to be on stage with real meatballs even if you had them. But that's irrelevant because the theater's in a strange part of town, and the nearest grocery store is twenty minutes away. In fact, the only things on this block are the theater, a paint shop specializing in shades of brown, and a store that sells balls. Just wall-to-wall balls of various shapes for various purposes.

An idea hits you: you could grab some balls from the ball store, paint them brown, and mix them in with the spaghetti. But what kind of balls do you want? Baseballs are too big. Marbles are too small. Ping pong balls are probably the right size, but they're too perfect. They'd give the set an odd, cartoonish feel, and the director's vision is more gritty/realistic.

That's when you see them: a 36 Pack of Nike Grade A Recycled Golf Balls. The golf balls' bumpy shape makes them look like they very well could be hand-packed balls of beef, yet their roundness will make them easily recognizable from any of the thirty seats in the theater.

You grab them, pay for them, and let out a sigh of relief! These clean, recycled golf balls will be given a second life... ON THE STAGE!

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  • Reload Recycled Grade A Golf Balls are “cleaned” recycled golf balls
  • Utilizes a proprietary wash process that allows the recovered golf balls to soak in a non-abrasive cleaning solution
  • Have never been subjected to a stripping, blasting, or repainting process which can alter the ball in some manner, resulting in different weights, changed size and improperly filled dimples – these are simply washed and repackaged
  • The appearance and feel of this golf ball is similar to a barely used golf ball
  • The ball will show very little wear and will retain the original color and luster
  • These golf balls will include small player markings, team and corporate logos
  • Grade A quality recycled balls

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states.

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty



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(3) Nike 12BLBK-NIKE Recycled Golf Balls, 12-Pack

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