Gone Camping

You might get lost and have to fight bears, but at least you'll sleep peacefully.

In the summer of 2002, a hiker named Kyle McDermott became lost in the Sierra Nevada. For 5 long days, he braved hunger, scorching heat and the relentless threat of wildlife. The following are excerpts from the journal he kept during his harrowing ordeal.

August 13, 2002:
Made it to my first checkpoint. Time to break out the old PVC-Free Sleep Eazy Kelty and get a good night's rest. Big day tomorrow.

August 14, 2002:
Overslept. Air mattress was a little too comfortable. Gotta hurry or I'll get behind schedule.

Edit: Decided to take a short cut. Big mistake. Have no idea where I am. Slipped down an embankment and lost my pack. Too dark to continue tonight. At least Kelty 6V still has charge. Gonna sleep it off.

August 15, 2002:
Woken up early by bear trying to eat my face. Wrestled him. Won. Good thing Kelty can withstand higher levels of abrasion. Also, may have eaten some hallucinogenic mushrooms by accident.

Edit: Is urine really sterile? Hope so, because I just drank some. Not mine. The bear's. Wasn't that bad. Kinda like warm Schlitz.

Edit: Bear urine is decidedly not sterile.

August 16, 2002:
So hungry. Fading fast. But eternally grateful for my Kelty PVC-free mattress. If it's going to become a permanent fixture in these mountains, at least I know it's green OH GOD A HORNET'S NEST!

Edit: Hornets didn't kill me. Punctured holes in the Kelty. Thankfully, repair kit was included.

Edit: If I don't make it, tell my sister she can have my room even though she's a total witch and doesn't deserve it.

Edit: One time when I was 4, I swiped a roll of butterscotch Lifesavers from the drug store.

Edit: I'm also the one who stomped on that little boy's prize-winning watermelon.

Edit: And two years ago I slept with my brother's girlfriend. Sorry, Chad.

Edit: Mom, we all know you're having an affair with Uncle Dave. That's why Thanksgiving was so awkward last year. And also why we call him "Uncle Dad."

August 17, 2002:
Just realized that this whole time I've been approximately 30 feet from where I parked my car. Must have made a big circle.

Edit: Totally kidding about all that stuff I said before.

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Kelty's PVC-Free Sleep Eazy air beds are not only greener, they will stretch less, weigh less, withstand higher levels of abrasion, and provide you with a comfortable and stable nights rest.. The material is stretch resistant to provide constant air pressure and comfort.  PVC-free, 70-denier nylon is laminated to thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU); puncture-resistant construction stands up well to the rigors of travel and camping. The rechargeable 6V pump rapidly inflates air bed.  Simply plug the pump into car lighter or charge at home for cordless operation at camp. The pump valve twists and locks into place for inflation or deflation and when it's locked into place pump it will not detach from the mattress.  Kelty Sleep Eazy air bed rolls up and stores compactly in the included Kelty Binto storage bag. Queen fits standard queen-size sheet

  • Puncture-resistant construction
  • Standard Coil for support
  • 6V rechargeable pump with car and wall charger
  • Rolls up easily into the included Kelty Binto storage bag
  • Fits standard queen-sized sheets
  • Repair kit included
  • PVC Free

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 1 Year Kelty


Size Queen
Dimensions 78"L x 60"W x 5"H
Packed Dimensions 15"L x 8"W x 16"H
Body Fabric TPU Laminate / 70D Nylon
Carry Weight 6.7 lbs.

In the box:

(1) Kelty 37450911 Queen Size Sleep Eazy Air Bed includes:

  • 6V Rechargeable Pump
  • Car Power Adapter
  • Wall Charger
  • Binto Storage Bag

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