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Three pieces of exercise equipment each at under a hundred dollars. CHOOSE WISELY!

Aw man! There's only one cookie left!

"Wanna play Fan Bike - Power Tower - Treadmill for it?"


"It's simple. We both choose our own Pure Fitness exercise equipment. Depending on which one I choose, you either win or lose."

So it's like rock - paper - scissors?

"What? I don't know what that is. Listen, it's simple: say I choose this Pure Fitness Fan Bike and you grab the Pure Fitness Power Tower. In that case, you win."


"Because the Pure Fitness Power Tower is taller, and it has multiple stations."

Um. Okay.

"But if you choose the Pure Fitness Power Tower, and I choose the Pure Fitness Incline Treadmill, I win."

What? Why?

"Because the Pure Fitness Power Tower will just slide down the incline of the Pure Fitness Treadmill, of course! HOWEVER, if you choose a Pure Fitness Fan Bike, and I choose the Pure Fitness Treadmill, you win."

Let me guess. Because the average person can travel more simulated miles on a stationary bike than a treadmill.

"Correct! See! Now you're getting a hang of it."

Okay, that makes absolutely zero sense, and it's basically the same a rock - paper - scissors but, again, makes less sense.


In rock-paper-scissors, one person chooses rock, paper, or scissors. Say I choose scissors? You choose paper? I win. Scissors cut paper. But you choose rock? You win. Rock crushes scissors.

"But what if I choose paper and you choose rock?"

Then you win.


Paper covers rock.

"It's a rock."


"You can't just cover a rock with paper and say you win. It's still a rock."

It's a game.

"A game that doesn't make any sense! Okay, so you ready? GRAB YOUR PIECE OF PURE FITNESS EXERCISE EQUIPMENT, and let's get this show on the road."

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Your choice of the following:


Pure Fitness 8534FB Fan Bike

Price: $99.99  50% Off List Price $199.99

The Pure Fitness Fan Bike is smooth, quiet and reliable to withstand serious intense workouts. The adjustable fan resistance provides a cooling effect while the textured pedals help keep your feet stable. The padded, dual action handle bars are easy to grip and provide an upper body workout along with the traditional lower body and aerobic workout you get from cycling. The two-tone adjustable, cushioned seat is wide and comfortable for longer workout sessions. The deluxe LCD console tracks time, distance as well as calories burned.  

  • Dual action padded handle bars
  • Adjustable fan
  • Adjustable, cushioned seat
  • Textured pedals
  • LCD console displays time, distance, and calories burned



Pure Fitness 8532PT Multi-Station Power Tower

Price: $89.99  50% Off List Price $179.99

Take the gym home with the Pure Fitness Multi-Station Power Tower. Designed with durability in mind, this heavy duty, powder-coated steel frame is ready to take on any challenge you put forth. Features a well-engineered, counter-balanced steel frame and anti-slip base for ultimate stability and able to accommodate users up to 250 pounds. The foam handles add comfort to your workout. Choose from several grip positions on the reinforced pull up/chin up bar to work your lats and entire upper body. You can even do multi-position push-ups with the built-in push-up bars to whale on your pecs. This machine has it all while only occupying a small amount of floor space.

  • Heavy duty powder-coated steel frame
  • Counter-balanced frame with anti-slip base offers excellent stability
  • Foam handles provide a comfortable grip
  • Reinforced pull-up/chin-up bar
  • Built-in push-up bars
  • Fits easily in home for multiple workouts
  • Work your entire body using your own weight as resistance
  • Assembly required


Pure Fitness 5251MIT Cory Everson Incline Treadmill

Price: $99.99  41% Off List Price $169.99

A manual treadmill gives you the closest thing to natural jogging or walking motions, and this Cory Everson model goes a step further by adding two resistance cords for quick warm-up exercises as well. Your stepping motion provides the power for a lower body workout and excellent cardio conditioning.  This treadmill features an extra large LCD readout for easy viewing of workout stats and pulse sensors in each handle to measure heart rate.

  • Smooth, quiet operation
  • 3 levels of incline
  • Extra Large LCD Display with 1 1/4" high numbers built with 5 functions: Time, Speed, Current Distance, Calories Burned, Total Distance
  • Folds up and wheels away for easy storage
  • Pulse Sensors
  • Includes aluminum water bottle, holder and stretch cord


Shipping Note: Due to the size of this item, shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, post office boxes or APO addresses is not available.

Warranty: 90 Day Pure Fitness



Fan Bike
Dimensions 48" H x 22.4" W x 44.68" D
Weight 45.42 lbs.
Weight Capacity 220 lbs.


Multi-Station Power Tower
Dimensions 84" H x 44" W x 48" D
Weight 46.8 lbs.
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.


Cory Everson Incline Treadmill
Treadmill Surface Dimensions 13" W x 39.25" D
Folded Dimensions 52" H x 26.5" W x 21" D
Upright Dimensions 52" H x 26.5" W x 46.5" D
Weight 51 lbs.
Weight Capacity 250 lbs.

Multi-Station Power TowerOwner's Manual
Cory Everson Incline Treadmill Owner's Manual

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