Abdominal Enlightenment

The ancients said that all things have an ideal (or perfect) form. 

There's a lot of exercise advice out there, and it's hard to separate the facts from nonsense. Is strength or conditioning more important early in a training program? Should you do short, intense workouts or long endurance activities? Confusion reigns.

Well, let's dispel one commonly-held misconception right now: Strong abdominal muscles don't require a lot of reps, you just have to do one PERFECT sit-up once in your life, and you're all set.

That's where the Perfect Fitness Perfect Situp comes in. It activates all of your abdominal regions by combining a crunch with a leg-lift. And most importantly, it gets you closer to achieving the perfect sit-up, allowing you to retire from abdominal exercise for the rest of your life.

Sure, some people will say that you need to maintain a consistent exercise regimen in order to get stellar abs, but those people have just never done a perfect sit-up. They're still mucking about in the mire of imperfection, hoping to reach the lofty abdominal heights through crunches and leg-lifts alone. Pshaw! Let them gnash their teeth with their silly workouts while you strive for sit-up enlightenment.

In fact, few people realize that you only need to do all sorts of activities once in your life if you do it perfectly: Tooth-brushing, child-rearing, lovemaking, breathing, etc. Don't mess around with doing these things ALL the time. Do it right once and never again.

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The Perfect Situp® reinvents the situp by combining the upper ab crunch with the lower ab leg lift to bring you better, faster results. It maximizes muscle activation by putting you in the perfect position and adding resistance through leg and back blades. The steel Leg and Back Blades help activate all 4 sets of abdominal muscles for a more efficient workout. Contoured Base puts your body in the perfect position to maximize muscle activation and helps target hard-to-reach lower abdominal muscles. Ergonomic neck support keeps spine in proper alignment and helps reduce neck strain by fully supporting head. The Range of Motion Sensor clicks when full range of motion is reached. Storage hanger makes it easy to hang in a closet.

  • Product Video
  • Engages all 4 sets of abdominal muscles
  • Ergonomic neck support
  • Clicks when  you reach full range of motion
  • Guides proper form
  • Includes storage hanger

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer


Weight Limit 300 lb / 136 kg
Length 46.5" - 59"
Height 8.5"
Width 15.25"
Weight 8 lbs.

In the box:

(1) Perfect Fitness Perfect Situp includes:

  • Perfect Situp Base Unit
  • (2) Steel Leg Blades
  • Steel Back Blade
  • Range of Motion Sensor
  • Step-by-Step Workout Instructions
  • Meal Plan
  • Storage Hanger

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Achieve The Perfect Sit-Up
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