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Ahhhhh cruisers : Nice and comfy, easy to handle, and probably not the symbolic centerpiece of an unfolding beach thriller in which everyone else in Shady Palms slowly goes mad, except you. No really, you'll probably just have a nice ride by the seaside. Probably.
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sixthreezero makes cruisers. What's a cruiser? Better as Wookiepedia: "In Star Wars, the standard definition of the "cruiser" type is probably closest to the modern Russian usage, although under the Empire, the separation of most large cruisers into a sub-category as Star Destroyers largely reduces the "pure" cruiser to a secondary role more akin to historical usage. Something similar is true in alternative designation systems that add distinct battleship categories, although here the size definition of "cruiser" can be different."
sixthreezero official site