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Mens S/S Plaid & Checkered Dress Shirts

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What is the neck sizing for these t-shirts?


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mbiibm wrote:What is the neck sizing for these t-shirts?

I just got mine in in Large. I typically wear a 16 1/2", and while I don't actually button the top button on these, I'd say it has to be pretty close to that measurement.


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Hi there. neck sizes have been added to the size chart.

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Be careful! These things SHRINK a lot!
I wear a regular large. I ordered XL since these are slim fit. Before washing, they fit great! After washing per instructions, forget it! They are tight!
Sad...they are really nice shirts, nice material and colors. I am now attempting to return 5 shirts



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The description states: "Contrast Button Placket & Chest Pocket"

FYI, there are no chest pockets on these shirts.


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These are SLIM FIT! And they shrink! Useless to me.


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These are great if you want to look like a 1950's door to door salesman. The "short" sleeves go down to the elbow and the trunk is boxy. Slim fit? uh...