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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

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Capable treadmill but if you’re considering getting this for the iFit capability, iDontThinkSo. The feature requires a module and yearly subscription of about 150. Fine and well but the module is painful to set up and has a 90 day warranty. 90 Days. When it fails as mine did after this mockery of a warranty period they will happily sell you another module but they won’t replace it.

Good treadmill, iFit integration is a roll of the dice at best.


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I bought this off Woot about a year ago. It's been nothing but trouble. It seems every other day there's a new squeak that is super annoying when running.

The belt started to rip within months of getting it.

While customer service is more than willing to send out new parts, even though I purchased a extended service plan, they won't send someone to look at issues you're having. You're supposed to figure it out and fix it yourself.

I had a $600 NoricTrak treadmill from Sears I ran over 5000 miles on with none of the issues this more expensive treadmill has.

I say stay away.


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Here's the consumer reports on this Treadmill. It's a best buy and recommended. It's also tied as the highest rated overall treadmill for folding and nonfolding.

Overall score: 85
ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill
This ProForm is a folding treadmill that has a shipping weight of 358 pounds. The maximum specified user weight for this
machine is 375 lbs.

Scorecard Ratings
Ergonomics: 5 Excellent
Construction: 5 Excellent
Ease of use: 4 Very Good
Exercise range: 5 Excellent
User safety: 4 Very Good

• One or more cup-holders are provided.
• A magazine rack or reading shelf is provided.
• Negative incline simulates a downhill surface for running or walking.
• An included chest-strap heart-rate monitor is more convenient and usually more accurate than hand-contact sensors.

• A magazine on the reading shelf blocks secondary controls, but not "speed" or "incline".
• A magazine on the reading shelf, blocks the display for both the "speed" and "incline" settings.

Detailed Test Results
Controls: The incremental, speed-control buttons are oriented as expected with the increase button on the top or righthand side. They are positioned appropriately being right next to one another. The button size is considered excellent, making it easy to operate while exercising. An alternative set of quick speed-controls provide the ability to select every, whole-number speed, using a complete set of control buttons. The incremental, incline-control buttons are oriented as
expected with the increase button on the top or right-hand side. They are positioned appropriately, being adjacent to one another. The button size is considered excellent, making it easy to operate while exercising. An alternative set of quick incline-controls provide the ability to select every whole-number incline, including zero, using a complete set of control buttons. Display: The monitor displays white characters on a blue colored background. The size of the characters showing the "speed" is considered very good and the size of the characters showing "incline" is considered very good. Individual
exercise statistics are displayed in separate windows. Programs: This machine comes equipped with 24 built-in exercise programs. A list of programs is conveniently shown on the console. A graphical illustration of each program's exercise profile is shown on the console. Ergonomics: The step-up height to the running deck is 10.25 inches from the floor. This
machine has a full front-handrail. A partial side-handrail is provided which provides both security and easy access. Exercise: The minimum incline for this machine is 0 degrees. The maximum incline is 13.4 degrees. The manufacturer stated,top speed is 12 mph. Construction: This machine features a motor with a 3.8 hp rating. The 2 floor-levelers provide some amount of leveling adjustment. Performance on our durability test - simulating a half-year of usage - was excellent, showing little signs of wear. Safety: The "stop" button size was considered excellent. The magnetic style safety-key disengaged without issue when a user approached the end of the running belt, which stopped the motor and running belt as expected. When walking within reach of the control console, the motor housing which resides at the front of the
running belt, created frequent interference with a user's feet.

The ProForm Pro 2000 is part of the Treadmill test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Treadmill models like
the Pro 2000 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Ergonomics: Ergonomics considers how well the machine accommodates the needs of users and includes belt size, footrail
design and handgrip design.

Construction: Construction considers aspects that impact quality like the motor and related components, running deck
and the results of our durability tests.

Ease of use: Ease of use considers the ease of using the controls, functions, programs and reading the display.