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Kawasaki JetSki Watercraft iSUP by Tower

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  • (12:29 PM, 12/7/2017) saarstol talks about this board.


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For $550 it better have a motor.


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699.00 on the other site at regular price. No reviews. Unsure where the 1100.00+ is coming from.



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mikegrook wrote:699.00 on the other site at regular price. No reviews. Unsure where the 1100.00+ is coming from.

From the Manufacturer.

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It looks like this is just a special graphics option for the Adventure 1 iSUP. That one sells for $579. So if the graphics package doesn't mean anything to you it looks like about $30 off their base model iSUP. That's not enough for me to want to jump for it.


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I see TOWER on it. Saw the Ladder to the life guard stand logo, the TOWER below it. This is a top notch inflatable SUP. Tower makes a great product. The TOWER SUP has been on WOOT before.


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Misleading name


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So can I ride this to my deer stand? There's a deer stand on it. I'm from northern Minnesota and if I'm sure about anything I'm sure that's a deer stand.

I'll try it out and let you know.

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Yes, this is a co-branded product between Tower (the leading inflatable paddle board company worldwide) and Kawasaki (which is a worldwide leader in watersports and motorsports equipment - they own the trademark "Jet Ski").

The unique thing about this board is that it's been designed with a break-away, heavy duty, velcro tow strap system so it's the first iSUP that's designed to be pulled behind a boat. In playing around with paddle boards and boats, we've dubbed this "Tower boarding".

So, in a nutshell, it's a 1st class inflatable paddle board but also it optimized for an interesting new way to use it.

Stephan Aarstol
Founder & CEO
Tower Paddle Boards


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I bought two Tower 9'10 paddle boards from Woot. Love them. However, one burst at the seam when I had it inflated to 10 psi on a 93 degree day in NJ. They were both mounted on the bow of my boat. The board was 4 years old, so it was not covered under warranty. I'm concerned about the dark color of this paddle board - if left in the sun, wouldn't it burst at the seam under less stringent conditions?


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blarson42 wrote:For $550 it better have a motor.

I really thought it had one... damn if I am going to paddle this thing for that price..

Where is the 'Shark Tank' Electric surf board...


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What this matress is for? I don't see any use for it. I can get an matress for $10 for the same purpose