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What is Sports & Outdoors?

A discussion of trophy bucks, bodies in motion, and personal charisma

Look, we wouldn't have jobs if you didn't spend at least some time sitting at your computer. Hooray for sitting at computers or whatever. But that's not all you do, right? Maybe you chase the thrill of sinking a 30-foot putt, or breaking the tape at the finish line, or shaving two seconds off your personal best, or bringing home that ten-point trophy buck. Or maybe you're into some weird version of golf where you ride some kind of tread-bike vehicle around and shoot at the ball. (And if you are, give us a call. That sounds amazing.) The point is, Sport.Woot is here to equip you for all those times you aren't just daydreaming at your desk. And if you're always daydreaming at your desk, maybe you need Sport.Woot the most.

Frequently Asked Questions


OK, I understand what "Sport" means. What does "Woot" mean?
Short answer: it means great new deals, every day. Long answer: it means "a group of ecommerce sites that launched with in 2004 and has since expanded to specialize in various other product areas." You can get to all of the other sites through the links across the top of this page. They all feature new deals every day, always at ridiculously low prices. And they will all increase your physical magnetism, personal charisma, and earning potential at least tenfold (note: these claims have not been verified by reality).
I have a question about purchasing/ordering/shipping/returns.
First: we cover all of that in the main Woot FAQ, along with plenty of dumb jokes. Sorry, dumb jokes are kind of our thing. It's a compulsion. Please, help us before we pun again. Second: the Q in FAQ stands for "question". Please phrase all future inquiries in the form of a question.
Why did Woot get into the sports business?
That's better. We've sold this kind of gear almost from the beginning: longtime Wooters will remember the Infamous Ab-Tilt Massacre from our earliest days, way back in the mid-'00s. As we've added more sports, fitness, and outdoor equipment to the mix, we've realized that our customers are passionate about more than just a great deal. They're looking for top-notch gear to perform their best, and we're in a great position to provide our more active customers with better deals than they can find elsewhere, and make bucketloads of sweet, sweet dinero in the process. Hey, if you don't want blunt honesty, go read somebody else's FAQ.
What?!? You consider today's product a sport item? Don't you know that (insert athletically incorrect activity here) isn't a REAL sport?
If it involves bodies in motion, if it involves getting outside, if it involves getting your blood pumping and your heart rate up, then it's a sport as far as we're concerned. Except bullfighting. We have no idea what's going on there.
Did you say bullfighting? Will you be selling bullfighting equipment?
No. But we have some old red bath towels we might be persuaded to part with for the right price.
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