Yukon Outfitters Outdoors

Bigger than California and every bit as gold-rushy, the Yukon's very name has inspired freebooters, fortune-hunters, ramblers, and, uh, fishermen for decades. Yukon Outfitters' gear is designed for epic adventures in the far reaches of northwestern Canada, but it's priced just right for a car-camping trip to the state park.

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About Yukon Outfitters

You know how it goes. You take a fly-fishing trip to the Big Salmon River in the Yukon. You leave your raincoat at the airport. You pay too much for a crappy raincoat at the hunt camp. You get soaked. You sit around the fire at the lodge and grumble. You decide to start a company offering better gear at lower prices. That's how it happened in 2009 for Yukon Outfitters, anyway.