RealXGear Cooling Headwear

Whoa there, buddy. A little hot-headed today, are we? Before you start yelling at us, why don't you put on one of these hats? Cool yourself down a bit. There. That better? No? You're still angry at us? But you're no longer hot-headed? Or you are? ... What?

Ends on June 24 at 12PM CT

About RealXGear

What? You don't think it's real? Of course it's real, guys? C'mon, you don't believe us? This stuff is real. Honestly. Just take a look. It's called RealXGear. REAL XGear. If it was fake, it wouldn't say real in it, would it? So yes, these products are real. And they're gear. Glad we've got it settled. As for the X? Uh, we don't know.