Okuma Avenger Fishing Reels

Far be it from us to tell you your business, Okuma, but naming your line of reels "Avenger" makes fishing sound a lot more personal than we're comfortable with. The fact that they're so effective at catching fish actually makes it even more disturbing. Is there something you'd like to talk about?
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Okuma in their own words

"At Okuma, we craft the tools for the journey. From entry-level through expert, every rod and reel is constructed not only to execute, but also to excite, energize and exhilarate. From feeling the tap, tap, tap of a drift rig searching its way along the bottom of a steelhead stream, to turning a lifeless lead jig into a fleeing bait-fish in the salt, every cast, crank, bobber down and hookup are the rich details of the journey."
Okuma official site