MusclePharm Pre-Workout Mixes

We were stranded, so we went to a nearby home. A man opened the door. "Can we stay here?" We asked. "Sure," he said, "but only if you don't sleep with my MusclePharm." We laughed. Why would we sleep with MusclePharm? But quickly our temptation grew, so we caved and slept with a jug of MusclePharm. The next morning, the man chased us away. But we kept our MusclePharm!

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About MusclePharm

MusclePharm comes from a far off place where instead of crops like corn and wheat and soy, they grow muscles. Fields of bulging muscles. What? That doesn't make sense? Oh! Right! We should clarify: we're talking about the kinds of muscles on your body, not the shellfish. That's spelled "mussel," and besides, a field full of mussels? Hahahaha. That's just silly. No wonder you were confused.
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