Merrell Apparel for Men and Women

Merrell is best known for their shoes, but did you know they make general clothing as well? It’s true! For a mere pittance, you can clothe yourself entirely in their apparel and become the Merrell Man (or Merrell Mwoman). From shirts, to shirts, to women’s dresses, to shirts, you’ll find any garment you could ever need in today’s Woot Plus.
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About Merrell

This trusted company started with Randy Merrell selling custom-made boots all the way back in 1981. The brand continued to grow, but Merrell, a strident nudist, refused to allow anything other than shoes to be offered under his banner. During a 1996 board meeting, he fervently claimed that “the body is a beautiful thing, and I won’t have it covered up by-“ before getting carted away by security for showing up to work naked. He was fired from the very company he created, and the Merrell brand has been selling clothing ever since. Or no, wait, actually none of this ever happened. Forget we said anything.
Merrell official site