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Slacklining: it's not just for climbers anymore! It's also for hippies. But it's not just for hippies anymore either! All you need to take part in this exploding sport/art/activity/whatever is two trees, one slackline, and a rudimentary sense of balance. Judging by the guys we see doing it in the park, it helps to take off your shirt, too.
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Gibbon Slacklines in their own words

"Gibbon has revolutionized slacklining, once exclusive to climbers, with the introduction of easier to use systems.  This opened up slacklining to everyone and fueled the development of an entirely new sport.  The number of slackliners is growing exponentially and Gibbon strives to connect that community locally and globally.  Whether you're slacklining in school, your backyard, or on a stage in front of millions you'll find everything you need right here.  Even the best had to start with just one step."
Gibbon Slacklines official site