Do-All Outdoors Shooting Targets

Have you ever wanted to shoot a 13-inch tall facsimile of a man? Of course you have! You're an American, after all! But where to find such a thing? Until now, you were left whittling your own models from spruce trees, and who has the time? Well, with Do-All Outdoors' targets, you can now have your 13-inch tall man and shoot him too.

Ends on June 18 at 12PM CT

About Do-All Outdoors

"Don't just do some of it; do all of it." That's the motto that Do-All Outdoors was founded on. It doesn't make a ton of sense, but no seemed to mind. The only thing their customers cared about was getting great outdoor equipment, thereby proving their secondary motto "No one cares about your motto, just make high-quality products."