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Wise 148-Serving Essential Preparedness Solution

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Not a bad assortment. Seems to cover most of the basics. No salt needed (that applies to most if not all Freeze Dried meals). These buckets would be nice for "grab and go" situations if you had to leave your home. Just make sure you pick up a case of emergency water (little 4oz pouches) so you can have something to re-hydrate these meals. Though I have a few pails of veggies, fruits, and protein mixes, these pails can be grabbed and tossed in the back of your car if you have to evacuate your area for some reason or another. If you get a small gym bag and put in some camping mess kits, fuel and stove. You are all set.

I kept one of the large kitty litter pails when it was finished, washed it out, and loaded it up with my water, cooking kit. These are great

Cooking Kit and for a stove, Stove Just don't forget to get a couple of cans of fuel (4 to 6 bucks depending on size of can) This works too but might need to carry more fuel or some kind of matchlight charco Folding stove