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Polara US/XD Golf Ball Combo 12-Pack

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I still prefer the schwetty golf balls. Been waiting to buy them but they haven't been available


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Lots of good reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

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dmanpp616 wrote:I still prefer the schwetty golf balls. Been waiting to buy them but they haven't been available

Gave those to my dad last year, he loved them!


quality posts: 57 Private Messages dfunk29

Wonder if these will help cut down on the swearing on the course. Probably not, but worth a shot (see what I did there!). :-D


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But on a serious note, the dimples on a golf ball are designed to reduce drag and give extra distance. Altering the dimples as they have here will obviously affect distance. Probably why they came out with a XD version. Too many complaints about super short drives.

But still, it really seems like an interesting item. Certainly a god send for some. The video from ABC news certainly makes me a believer.


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Why would folks settle for an illegal golf ball? To cheat your friends? Hit the range and fix your swing.


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Dammit. Deleted the wrong post.

Par1956, feel free to repost it. It's a great post.

par1956 wrote:I bought these last year. They do go straight, but you lose 20 yards in distance. Line the arrow up and swing away.

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So I bought both the types of balls offered here the last time they were on here, just to check them out. I am a 16 handicap and I have a slight fade on my tee shot, so I thought that I would see how they work. At the end of the day, the fade was still there..maybe not as bad, but it was still there.
I was playing with my brother-in-law, who is more of a beginner and I gave him a sleeve to use. Bottom line is that if you are not aiming and hitting it somewhat straight, it isn't going to correct enough to save your ball. If you hit it hard and hit it toward the trees, it is only going to go a little less into the trees, but it is still going in there.
Also, hitting this ball is a little like hitting the really cheap one piece balls. They are really hard, and in my estimation they don't go nearly as far.
Bottom line is that you have to still be a somewhat decent golfer for these to affect your game. Rank beginners will only remain frustrated.


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One thing I forgot...the ball has an arrow on it. You have to line the arrow up with the target in order to make it work right. This also holds true for when you are in the fairway with an iron. So imagine that you are playing a round with someone who is somewhat of a stickler for the rules...you are not supposed to touch your ball in the fairway. So even if you hit a straight drive, you can't pick up your ball and re-align the arrow, so your second shot may be doomed.... unless your playing partner lets you switch out balls mid hole, which I doubt.


quality posts: 12 Private Messages schep999

Hey, I think people are missing some of the arguments on the "illegal" aspect of these balls. Yeah, if you are on a PGA tour, or even some clubs where it is a foux pas to use these, then don't buy.

However if you are like me and only golfs 6-18 times a year, it is really nice to the people behind me when I am no longer in the woods looking for my ball. And slowing them down. My score and my effort is all my own honesty problem, if I just want to have a good time.

If you are an accomplished golfer and want to take out a newbie, these are wonderful. Everybody moves along at a good pace and the newbie gains some confidence and not a $50 dollar loss blasting Pro-V1s into creeks.

A compromise that I have developed, only when going out by myself, is to use these for drives only. Yeah I touch the ball on the second shot but I am moving along. If you insist on using the same ball without touching it on the second shot, you will find out how squirrely the dimples can make a ball go. I lost two before I figured that out; I was just excited that it had landed so beautifully and went up to the ball and wailed on it.

These balls seem to go as much as 15-20 yards shorter than legal ones, although they are straight if you take the time to use the line and the tee correctly. Dropping a legal ball for the next shot in the short game still keeps making you try to improve swing and accuracy.

Use them as training helpers, or cut some slack for the lousy golfers like me. It keeps me from slowing you down and we all have fun.

You do still have to swing straight and in line with your target. There is not a Jeanie that is going to always land the ball in the fairway. It's still your fault for what happens. {My wife says that same thing.)