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Spira Athletic Shoes (For Real!)

"Hey, why don't you come see your old pal Rodge anymore? You used to be up here all the time, digging through the trunk of my car for half-off deals on lifelike reproduction kicks. Now it's like you found some other low-price source for real brand-name- hey, where'd you get those Spiras you're wearing?"
Spira official site


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Good rating in Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Spira+Odyssey+Men%27s+Running+Shoes


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I've been wanting to get walking shoes for a while, but was really scared about sizing. Read every review I could for the womens walkers, and for both models there was about half who said ran large, and half who said ran true to size. In the end, I'm following the Spira size chart here and ordered a half-size down. http://www.spirastore.com/sizing-chart.html


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I just recently started running again, so I perked up when I saw quality running shoes. I'm up for anything to make this journey back to "in shape" easier. I checked out the reviews on Amazon for the Odyssey and they're mostly good. However, there are enough negatives about the fit, even from those who followed they advice to order a size up, that it makes me nervous. My size on Amazon is going for $65.66, so I think I'd feel better about paying $5.66 more (after shipping) and having the opportunity to return them if they don't fit.


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Can you return shoes to woot if they do not fit? Love the site. Just asking??


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What is WOOT'S return policy on the shoes if they don't fit?


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I ordered a pair of the Odysseys last time Woot offered them. I was kind of worried about the sizing and not being able to return them. I followed the size recommendation on the site and they fit perfectly. Probably as comfortable a pair of shoes as I've had.



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how can a person know if they are medium or wide width. On the web site it states they come in 2 widths.


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roxyvv wrote:how can a person know if they are medium or wide width. On the web site it states they come in 2 widths.

That's what I was wondering...


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I want to order a pair...but also want to know IF THEY DON'T FIT, CAN THEY BE RETURNED???


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candykb1980 wrote:That's what I was wondering...

Me too.HEY WOOT! Are these all medium or what???
Also how about returns if they don't fit?


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Pretty sure in the FAQ is says something like "Just sell them on craigslist if they don't fit." I think if they are legit broken they will try and work with you though.


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Answers to questions:

Unless otherwise stated, our shoes are Standard width (D for Men; B for Women).

Our FAQ covers returns pretty well.

As mentioned in the FAQ, you might try contacting the manufacturer to see if they will do an exchange for you.

To contact Customer Service, use the SUPPORT form at the top of every woot page
••• ► Woot's Return Policy ◄ ••• ► Did you check your spam/junk folders for a CS reply?
CANCEL?? How to cancel your order in the first 2 hours!! - except orders with Woot-Off or expedited items


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I purchased the Odyssey shoes during the last Woot sale and I have to say that they are not even close to the level of running shoes I typically purchase. The sizing was fine but the overall quality was less than I expected. I immediately noticed a distinct difference from my normal running shoes. They are a gimmick and nothing more. I would definitely suggest sticking with quality brand running shoes at your local shop.


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My mom thinks spring shoes are a good idea, so I assume they're a scam...


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If I order the Valencias, I'm gonna have that Decemberists song going through my head every time I put them on.

Not a bad song, but I'm not sure I'd want it going through my head that frequently.


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Just thought I would give my 2 cents worth for anyone on the fence about ordering the Spira Athletic shoes... As for sizing I find that they are true to my normal size . Just a note : going up a 1/2 size the difference is just 2/16 or 3/16 ths of an inch difference (depending on shoe size) ... So if you are in doubt I would suggest going up a 1/2 size .
I own over a dozen pairs in various styles. Spira is the only brand shoe I will wear. After I purchased my 1st pair a few years ago I was hooked. My sisters and mother feel the same way after they tried them. I have to say my favorites are the Walking shoes they are quality made excellent support and ohhh so comfortable. When I don't wear them my body feels the difference that evening...
As for the Valencia I feel they are not as high quality (more cheaply made ) but they are comfortable and more breathable for summer wearing ... still a decent pair of shoes...
The Mules are of high quality and if you like a slip on shoe you can not go wrong with these.
hope this helps anyone who is thinking about purchasing them...
I do own the running shoes but am not a serious runner so I will leave that review to those more qualified ;-)