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Easton Havoc II Baseball/Softball Bag

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pretty good reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com


[MOD: We are selling the Havoc II.]


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FYI, most of the reviews and info you will find out on the Internetz is for the Havoc. We are selling the Havoc II.

Some of the differences are:

Havoc II (Havoc)

Holds 6 bats (4)
Has Cleat Tunnel (n/a)
Has J-style Hook (n/a)
600D Polyester (1080D)

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In both cases, the "D" stands for the word "denier", which is a measure of the fineness of the material. Specifically, the word refers to the weight (in grams) of 9,000 meters of the fiber from which the material is made. In simpler terms, it means that a higher denier fabric is stronger and more durable than the same type of fabric with a lower denier rating. However, when comparing two different types of fabrics, such as polyester and nylon, it is important to note that because each fabric has different weights, 600D polyester fabric is not equal to 600D nylon fabric in terms of strength. In general, nylon is a stronger fabric type than polyester, and 420D nylon fabric, for example, is actually stronger than 600D polyester


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1. Don't compare it to another brand bag for price.
2. The other one you compare to is a Russell, nuff said.
3. This denier is common on better hockey bags, so its tough stuff and appropriate for this bag by far.
4.can't find havoc II anywhere to compare price but I believe this to be a good deal.
5. Havoc (not 2) got marginal reviews for poor quality and it seems havoc II addressed this.
definitely worth the $35 shipped price alone for a 6 bat bag and plenty of room...especially for one with an Easton name on the side...
I'll take one, cheers..


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Anyone know if this bag is wide enough for bases?


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While it's $5 more than the Louisville Slugger bag I bought from woot a couple of months ago, I wish I would have held out for this. Oh well.

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North316 wrote:While it's $5 more than the Louisville Slugger bag I bought from woot a couple of months ago, I wish I would have held out for this. Oh well.

enlighten us, what is it about this Easton bag you would have preferred over Louisville Slugger bag. Is it the 6 bats > 4 bats capacity?

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Thumbnail pic looked like an old art-deco locomotive.


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A wheeled bag at this price is a very good deal. An Easton wheeled bag at this price is a great deal. Justified or not, Easton products are usually more expensive because of the name. That's just the way it is.

My son uses an Easton bag, but not the one being sold here. He switched from a Louisville Slugger bag. The biggest issue for us with any bat bag has been the zipper. His Easton bag has one zipper going straight up and down on the main compartment. The LS has a zipper that, for lack of a better way to explain it, kind of forms an arch and results in an open flap. This type of zipper is a giant pain.

I can't really tell from the picture which type of zipper this bag has. If it is straight up and down, it should function better and last longer and cause less headaches than the other type.


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Would this be good for transporting long guns, like the Gamo and Crosman from previous sport.woot!s? If the regulation bat really sticks out the top, as pictured, I would guess the answer is no. But, surely the bats can all fit completely inside, right?

Dimensions: 36" L x 9" W x 12" H
But what about INTERNAL capacity?
And what about padding?

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I purchased this bag to haul photography equipment in. It works like a charm for that. I loaded 3 light stands and 4 umbrellas in the bat compartment, 4 reflectors went in the helmet compartment, umbrella brackets and misc items went into the ball compartment and cords went into the lower side pocket. Plus still have room to add more in all compartments. Well worth the $35 delivered price. 4 Woots to this one.


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Spooky!! I spent part of today researching baseball bags for my son, who is now catching part time and needs a bigger bag for the gear. Man, I about jumped out of my chair when I saw this.... however the 9" width is typically not a large baseball bag, and I am thinking he needs a 12" model. Bummer.