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Golf Springs Eternal

Hang in there, those among you of the golfly persuasion. Yeah, late winter is a bummer time of year. But it's closely followed by early spring. If you're impatient to start actually playing golf again, do the next best thing: buy some new golf gear to fondle while you're counting down the days...


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The clubs are $4.01 less on Amazon, plus they're Prime eligible.


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otatop wrote:The clubs are $4.01 less on Amazon, plus they're Prime eligible.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We actually had this priced wrong.

We've corrected the price to $99.

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I bought the pinemeadows 2 weeks ago, and they are great, feels just like the taylor made rbz


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I got these about a week ago, Irons seem nice and stout, the driver,3 wood and hybrid have a composite shaft and seems pretty flexible. I only wish that they came with a putter and bag


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Ive got two sets of PMG clubs, and love them both. I hit them great and my buddies who use high end clubs always cant believe how well they perform. If youre on the fence about purchasing from them, go on and do it youll be happy with the purchase. They also have great customer service if you happen to need them