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Warm Hands, Warm Feet, Warm Hearts

If you know karate, that means you use your hands and feet to protect yourself. Well, you should return the favor. Protect them back! With gloves and socks and stuff.


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These items are a lot more sensible than jamming your fingers and toes in loaves of sourdough bread.

Look for BreadGloves© in a sporting goods store near you soon!

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I bought the foot warmers back in November and they were awesome while commuting to and from work on those single digit temperature days. I just ran out last week.I'm in for another box at this nicely lower price.


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I bought the 40 pack awhile back, and I live in alaska, I dont' think you can find a better deal.


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Grey men's full calf socks
Size 9-11

Those are "sock size" I guess, because they are only good for up to Men's shoe size 8, or something ridiculous like that. :-(

The foot warmers, on the other hand, are fantastic, even if they are only about Men's 8, they fit in any size boot at least that big, pushed forward, and keep your feet nice and warm for several hours. Someone needs to make a NOSE warmer.

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I love the Gordini gloves. Just love them. Ordered them two or three weeks ago, just because I had free shipping. They came just in time for a cold snap and some light shoveling, and they're both warm and make me feel a little like I have puppets on my hands.


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Why are there no wool socks for WOMEN???


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I bought these without realizing sock sizes were smaller than shoe size. I wear 10.5 show and the socks do fit. They are a little snug, but since they are wool, I actually like them fitting snug, as my smartwool socks have stretched a little over time.