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Variegated Illuminated Radiate Skateboards

Skateboarding is about one thing: Looking faaaaabulous. That's why Radiate boards are so great - colored LEDs to highlight any skateboarding sartorial choice. So your ensemble always "pop," whether you're wearing a peach seersucker suit or a lime green tuxedo to the skate park.
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inkycatz wrote:What tips would you give someone new to skateboarding?

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ThunderThighs wrote:

Your gonna break something


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Most important tip: Speed is the key.. just about any trick you do is going to be easier if you're going faster.

You'll definitely want to have some of the basics down before you head out to the park and start shredding.

Those bongo board things are actually pretty helpful for developing good balance. They can be purchased or even made at home pretty easily.

Not sure about these LED skateboards. They're a cool idea for the kiddies, but it seems like having wires and batteries embedded in them would weaken them somewhat.

I've been skating since 1985 or thereabout. When you weigh 200+ pounds like me, you gotta make sure your board is pretty tough.



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I think this product voids my warranty.


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ThunderThighs wrote:

Until you can reliably find your center of balance, bend your knees.


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Wear a helmet. You're not invincible.


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Helmets get in the way and make your head itchy. That will distract you from oncoming traffic and get you killed. Start at the top of the hill and COMMIT! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :-D

Oh, and wear several of those GoPro HD video cameras and leave a note to your executor to have them posted to woot!

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Practice crashing. Everything else is easy. Comparatively.


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ThunderThighs wrote:


Still single, can't imagine why.


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FenStar wrote:Don't.

What thunder thighs said, sounds about right

Charles Gershbaum


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Do the LED's match the board colors? For example, rasta colored LED's for the rasta board and pink LED's for the pink board? Cant find it in the description