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Poll: Who would win in a sprinting race?
  • 37% - Football player! 481
  • 10.8% - Tennis player! 141
  • 18.4% - Basketball player! 240
  • 17.1% - Baseball player! 222
  • 16.7% - NASCAR driver! 217
1301 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Depends on the length of the race. If it was the 100yd dash, probably the football player. Shorter distance to first base? Probably the baseball player.

Basketball and tennis are more of long-term endurance sports.


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A cheetah. :P

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I agree with bnb that the length really does matter but I will honestly go with the basketball player. Though they do deal with a lot of endurance, basketball players in general are very well balanced and can explode with tons of energy at the drop of a hat and as such make a very good candidate for a sprinter.

Also, wind sprints. ALL THE TIME!


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Soccer Player!

Ah, the hell with it.


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Can't COPD..


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Clint Bowyer on 5 hour energy.


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Nascar guy if he gets to use his car.


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All baseball, basketball, and tennis players sprint. Only a handful of football players and basically no nascar drivers need to sprint. I'd bet on the baseball player since the other 2 work more on endurance whereas the baseball player worries about 90 feet at a time.


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Soccer Player, hands down.


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coll3urke wrote:Soccer Player, hands down.

I have to agree with this and I frown upon the fact that "Soccer Player" was not included. ;)

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Football players would be the 2nd slowest >.<
They train for strength, plyometrics and such. Short explosive movements, twitch muscles. They also weigh a ton. Basketball is almost exclusively running. They're tall too, which gives them a bonus.

I don't like any of the sports listed (go Parkour!) but come now, lets think about this a bit.


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I, too, am vexed by the lack of a "soccer player" option. Also, I hate everyone who voted for NASCAR unless they were assuming the car was included.


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Probably Jamaal Charles or Trindon Holliday. They were both NCAA champion sprinters. Maybe Robert Griffin III. He was an NCAA champion hurdler at sprint distance.


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There are a handful of very fast football players, but for the most part they train for 40 yd sprints. And take a lot of time between. Basketball players sprint constantly up and down the court. Baseball players don't really sprint. They jog to 1st base. Tennis players go side to side, 5 yds at a time. NASCAR - hahahah...
I'd love to see RGIII vs King James up and down the court 10 laps.
(note - I played baseball, football, and basketball competitively, tennis intramurals. Nobody would trust me in a fast car)


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Errmm...anyone heard of NASCAR Sprint Cup? Tricky woot!


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Where is the Hockey Player?! Everyone knows when it comes to fit, they win!

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Tennis is quick direction change, not necessarily sprinting.

Baseball, is a quick sprint on the base path, or if you're in an open position to field.

Nascar driver if he could drive, would win hands down. That's not fair though.

Basketball player would do well in a sprint but much like soccer would like their chances with a long distance race better.

I chose football player because there are some quick (sub 4.4) football players with pads on. Trindon Holliday anyone?