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Genuine Casio Watches

That's right, friend, these are 100% legit Casio watches. You probably never thought a hole-in-the-wall website like this would never get its hands on such hot products, did ya? Now, when we say "hot," we mean you probably shouldn't flaunt them around town for a couple weeks...
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What time is it? Time to get a watch. Yeah. That was terrible. (Now we know why inky isn't one of the writers, obviously.)

Who's a Casio fan and why?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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"You know you're at sea level when your watch reads "0m" and your knees are wet." For this, I am a fan of woot.


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Only Casio would make a $350 watch that can tell you what phase the moon will be, how high you are, what time it is within .00000000001 sec, and make it solar powered, but still give it a cheap rubber wristband.


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I've been waiting for over a year to find the PRW2500T-7 for under $300 on various deal sites, and now I'm broke.

Thank you for finally delivering Woot.



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blue face? why? not black?


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Just to confirm, Casio with the 10-year battery - you can replace the battery after it dies, right?


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I have had my PAW1500 over 4 years now and have to say it's a great, dependable, rugged watch. It's traveled around the world with me, the only damage to it is that the red paint in the N (north) has rubbed out, the other letters are there fine. The radio time set works great and I've never had a problem with the solar charge, just leave it in a sunny window one day a month or so just to top it off. I paid double this price, almost considering getting one for my other wrist! lol


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I was given a Casio watch last year. Solar powered and updates with the Atomic clock in Denver. I love it. It was a Casio multi band 5. If there is no light, the watch will shut off. However, just pressing the light button will bring it back on for awhile. I don't know about other watches, but my watch has a metal wristband that resembles a rolex strap.


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Really good watch if you are an outdoors-person. Nothing like waking up in your tent and being able to verify it is indeed 25 degrees. The compass works great and is a neat way to teach navigation using map and compass. Also the barometer trending is handy to help when watching the weather. I have had another model of this watch for a couple years now. My son now wears it most of the time. It still works and looks great. I absolutely recommend the Casio Pathfinder watches.


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Funny, I wore a $10k Tag Heuer certified Chronometer for years but it was rarely accurate. I'd lose a few minutes every month and have to reset the date every other month (not a perpetual calendar). If I didn't wear it for two days I would have to wind it up again. I had it serviced several times for between $80-300 and it never improved.

Finally switched to a Casio Edifice and never looked back. That's my day watch with solar power and six-band radio atomic time setting. My sports watch is a Casio Pathfinder. Between the two, I never feel the need to switch to another brand as they do exactly what I need which is to be accurate at all times with no need for any maintenance.

The only drawback is that the crystal is only hardened not sapphire so it is possible to scratch these and a hassle to replace. I haven't needed to but it's a consideration. Also they aren't expensive so sometimes I get a raised eyebrow at classier events but in all honesty, I still wouldn't change out my reliable Casio watches.


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not trying to plug. but i emailed the people at bestksinsever.com, i asked if they would custom cut some of their material for my pathfinder. i gave them the measurement for the face, taking off about 1mm to give a little room. they cut me a sheet of 6 disks for like 20 bucks.

to be honest, i haven't replaced the first skin in the time i've had the watch, and it's protected the face from any scratches (the case is another story, but i expect scratches there).