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Sleeping Bags for Baggin' Some Sleep

We still don't exactly know why humans find such comfort in a blanket, but just you try sleeping without something warm and fluffy over you. 
Exxel Outdoors official site


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Sleep, you just can't live without it. Which bag here will give the best sleep experience?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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The Apache 5's are a great value. Very warm, great price and they're made in the US.

It's a great bag for occasional camping or house guests. The quality may be an issue if your looking something for heavy use. The zipper is a little sticky but that seems to improve with use.

All in all I'm very happy with the 2 that I purchased.


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The air pillow is actually pretty comfy. For a cheapo bag, it's not bad at all.


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What's the difference between the bags that look identical?


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willbroe wrote:What's the difference between the bags that look identical?

Had to ask that last time they were offered. They are identical. Same bag just sold with different names by different retailers. So now your choice is which name do you prefer?

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i prefer the apache 5, which i did pick up~ ENJOY! MADE IN USA!


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i was wondering what the dimensions of these bags are in their stuff sacs and how much they weigh? i went to the listed company website and found not so much info..


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I'm suspicious that after 5 minutes of google searching I haven't found any reviews for any of these specific bags. I am interested in the 20 degree bag but am concerned that 'micro peached' is some fancy industry term for 'not as warm as flannel'. Anyone know, from experience, if the fabric lining of these bags are warm? I already have one sleeping bag whose cool lining makes it unusable in cold weather, I don't need another.



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The Apache/Twin Ridge bags are very nice. Slept in it the night after getting it from Woot. Ended up overheating, but I was using it indoors...

Compared the price at the local sporting goods store, this is still $20 cheaper(inc shipping).

And as stated, MADE IN USA!


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Does anyone know what micro-peached solid poly liner is? Is it soft material or similar to the outside which feels sticky when you get too warm...thanks!


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The micro-peached liner on the Apache is basically a softer/thinner version of the outer shell. It does feel cold at first but warms up very quickly.

It's kind of slippery which is good because you can move without your clothes twisting around like a tourniquet.