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Fitness Equipment to Fit your Face Off

You're gonna go to the gym? Looking like that? I dunno, man. I would want to be in better shape before I showed my face there. Maybe get some equipment and do some fitness stuff at home, first.


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How are you keeping fit this winter?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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The Perfect Situp looks like it can also be used by the younger ones as a pretend ludge. Or the older ones who think situps suck.


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I can think of a great "adult use" for the Speed Hurdle.

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mibutterflywingz wrote:I can think of a great "adult use" for the Speed Hurdle.

I was just thinking the exact same thing.

I was also thinking the agility thing would be a great indoor activity for kids in the winter. set that up and have them do timed jumps, or jump in patterns, or put a colored paper in each area and have them toss beanbags for points...possibilities are endless!


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Is the hunky muscle man in the picture for sale???


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hehthuryo wrote:Is the hunky muscle man in the picture for sale???

If so, I think he'd be sold out by now.

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The Adidas Hardware stuff is cool, but only one item left is worth buying. The Agility Grid is a great price, but it was sold out fast. Probably low stock since last time it was on woot (I bought two of them then...)

The pad hurdle and adjustable hurdle are ridiculously overpriced, even with the discount off manufacturer's price. Don't buy them. SKLZ makes much cheaper options.

However, the one item left that is a good deal price-wise is the Adidas reaction belt. I bought one last round, used it, bought another one this round. SKLZ brand runs about $25, so $20 for this is great.


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ThunderThighs wrote:If so, I think he'd be sold out by now.

What about the girl? Surely she is still available.

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