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Why doesn't the "TAXSUCKS" coupon work when I try to order 3?
38.97 + 5.00(SH) + 3.79(tax) = 47.76

dave bug wrote:The TAXSUCKS code still exists....

The requirements:
b) Your order has to be over $40. As in, at least $40.01 (including shipping).

Can anyone from woot staff help? Bueller?

edit: from a previous purchase at kids.woot
" for a subtotal of $39.98
plus tax + $3.45
plus shipping + $5.00
minus discount - $5.00
for a total of $43.43

and you used this coupon code:

Have you checked your Private Messages lately?


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goochas wrote:I bought a similar Wilson glove at a yard sale in like-new condition, but in the course of use the "pleather" coating has peeled away...rapidly. I'm not sure if this is the same material, but it hasn't stood the test of time...would pass on a similar low-kwality Wilson...

I've mentioned this earlier - don't be fooled by the Woot price. At this price point, almost everything similar would be considered a toy where this is the real thing. I have the one I purchased in front of me and from what I can see the only synthetics are the linings and the trim around the hand opening. The shell (the black and tan sections on both sides) appear to be real full-grain leather.

You can see by the cut edges that there is no laminated "pleather" on any of the external pieces. Since Wilson is a full-line manufacturer, they also make cheap Wal-Mart quality gloves for those out there who either don't know the difference or can't afford better (which luckily for us is a moot point at today's Woot price).

It is cut very similarly to the 12.5" Wilson 1799 pattern glove I have but is proportionally smaller and will fit tightly into the well of my glove. It stands at least an inch shorter when both gloves are propped-up next to each other.

This model is the A465 (A0465 TR12) and has the MLB Staff logo on the palm. I would only be guessing as to where they came from. It is not listed on the Wilson website, but more than likely is in the same class as the A450's that are there, which are Youth models but are still the real deal. If my nephew takes care of it, we could reasonably expect many good years from it even as he grows.

Here is the link to the most similar glove I could find on the Wilson website. You be the judge:


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I bought this a few weeks ago when it was on woot.

It's much, much smaller than you'd expect.

If you are an adult, do not buy this for yourself.

If you have a kid, sure.

I'm was planning on just giving it to my girlfriend's nephew.


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ThunderThighs wrote:Interesting message. Not sure what it means but my late-nite CS pal says your order went through. You should be able to see it just fine on "Your Account".

I get the same message every time I use my macbook pro to place my order. But the order has actually gone through, contrary to what the message would have me believe. Has been happening since the "big switch". I emailed it to service, and have not heard back yet on it. Does not happen if I order on my iPad.


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yes its small. i went to target and tried on a similar youth glove, 12", and half my hand was sticking out.


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doomeyes wrote:I bought one of these last time. It's too small for my hand. If anyone wants mine, please contact me, and we can work something out. It's never been used and still in brand new condition. Thank you.

So do you know what size glove you wear/fits you ? I wear like a mens large work glove.