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Well, now that sport.woot is getting all settled in, it's time for some action shots and stories of your gear in action!

This is my Teva shoe at Alki Beach in Seattle. They dried really fast, and cleaned up well afterwards. I probably should have taken regular shoes to hike to the beach in, since it was a substantial walk.

Always break your shoes in first before adventuring, friends.

The day was really gray (it drizzled on the way home), which was why I went to the beach - to avoid crowds. This weekend I'm going picnicking with my Stanley collapsible cup and jar (got those in the Woot Plus event).

So tell us, where has your new woot bought gear gone? We'd love to hear stories of stuff in action and your adventures with them.

** I actually got these the first time around after sport launched - I had been looking at gear for an upcoming kayak/canoe/waterfun day adventure with some friends and stuff. Timing is everything!

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I picked up the GoalZero Escape 150 Power pack qty 2.

We were going camping and needed a solution to run our CPAP's. Quick overnight shipping from woot got them there just in time and we headed out to use them.

They worked great !! And on top of that even after powering the CPAP for a night it had enough juice leftover to power my electric pump to help with a flat tire problem in the middle of the same trip!


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Two pictures of "The Intern" with general woot products.

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And now, the Stanley Adventure Collapsible Bottle Action Report!

I have been bringing this thing everywhere lately. The wide hook on top makes it all "clip and go" on my day bag. The mouth is awfully wide which made me concerned at first (leaks, I guess, my water bottles are all pretty narrow at top), but it's still easy to fill and empty out. At least unlike some water bottles, you can wash it normally and not have to use special brushes or cleaning tabs.

So it's been to Snoqualmie, containing water.

And it has also traveled to the park, to enjoy Shakespeare (contents, strawberry ginger beer soda).

It's held up pretty well for all the tossing around I've done of my day bag (bus flinging happens) without complaint or leaks all over the place. I like that it also squishes down easily to carry home at the end of the day, too. All in all, not a bad impulse buy on my part!

I'm just hanging out, really.


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inkycatz wrote:

Is that the REI Flash 18 Pack?!