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Diamondback Fitness

Be like the diamondback rattlesnake. Lean. Muscular. Full of venom and not very meaty on account of having so many ribs. THOSE are the kinds of results you can expect from Diamondback Fitness elliptical machines. Except for the venom part.
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I was all about purchasing one of these until I read some awful reviews about the lack of Diamondback returning calls and emails about tech support and warranty related issues.

It is a shame with what seems to be a good elliptical at a good price. Maybe it is back to looking at Sole ellipticals.

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Did anyone else get this and put it together to find it not working? It took over 3 weeks to receive this item and then it doesn't work. Diamondback customer support hasn't been that great. Called immediately and they said they'd send a new cable. Haven't received the cable in a week. Very frustrated with this purchase. I have a 200 lbs statue sitting in my room...