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LifeLine First Aid Kits

Face it: you're a klutz. And that's okay, really. But that doesn't mean you have to go through life from calamity to calamity without having some kind of plan for when the dust settles. So if you can't stop yourself from falling all over yourself, why not at least have a way to patch yourself up?
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I don't know about everyone else in the Woot community, but I'm just a little concerned. First the Mayans get lazy and stop calculating their calendar past 2012. Then Woot sell all manner of scary knives. Then the CEO leaves to pursue "other ventures" and visit "Disney World" (read: head for secret mountain compound). Now we're selling survival and first aid kits.

I don't know what latter half of 2012 holds, but let's just say that I bought 3 and am gearing up.