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High Peak Camping Equipment

It happens to everyone: you enter one potato sack race as a kid, have a bad experience, and vow never to put your body in a bag ever again. Well, High Peak is here to erase those bad associations with a selection of nice sleeping bags! And what's more, they're throwing some backpacks in just for kicks! How nice of them!
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Hey community!

I'm eyeing these backpacks with great longing. What does the +10 mean?

I know it can't be the price, since the Alpinismo 45 Backpack and the Phantom 45 + 10 Backpack are both the same.

Help a backpacking novice out?

I'm just hanging out, really.


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deals aren't that great on the sleeping bags. Take another 10% off of the inflated "retail list price" and you've got a deal.