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How to Camp #2: Tents

by wootbot

What's the deal with tents? They're a little piece of the indoors you take outdoors with you. In this video, Woot's Outdoor Sport Team will answer all your questions about tents! (Provided you do not have many questions and the questions you do have are stupid.)

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Happy Camping! Hobo Pouches

by wootbot

In this special campfire cooking edition of our widely-loved "Happy Snacking" series, Sport.Woot's team of camp gear testers shows you there's more to camp food than just scorched weenies with bits of ash on them because they fell in the fire.


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Monday, December 17

Come Camping with Sport.Woot!

by wootbot

Recently a couple of your favorite Woot staffers (along with your single least favorite) headed out into the wilderness to test some of Sport.Woot's inventory -- and their own mettle -- against Mother Nature's fury. And over the next few weeks and months, we'll be doling out the resultant footage in a series of product demo videos and camp-themed "Happy Snacking" installments on Sport.Woot.

That's right, periodic videos on Sport.Woot! Soon there will be no page in the whole of the expanding Woot network where you'll be safe from these crummy videos! We're leakin' out all over!

Oh, and speaking of "leaking out all over," we have a disclaimer: That burger wasn't really nine pounds. It just felt like it in the video team's colon.


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