While it may look like an ordinary piece of office equipment, this chair was actually used to train astronauts.

In the early days of space exploration, this chair was part of one of many tests that NASA used to test the abilities of potential astronauts.

The Balance Ball Fit Chair: Candidates were given a difficult word problem and asked to solve it while sitting on the balance ball fit chair. This tested their abilities to remain focused in bouncy environments.

The Asteroid Box: Participants were asked to sit in a metal folding chair (to simulate a chair in a rocket) with a large cardboard box placed over them (to simulate the darkness of space) while the box is pelted with rocks (to simulate a meteor shower). Inside the box, participants were forced to watch The Notebook in an endless loop on a laptop (to simulate the emotional toll of space travel).

The Survivor Endurance Challenge: This test took place on the abandoned set of an old season of Survivor. Astronaut candidates were asked to test their endurance by standing with their hand placed on an immunity astronaut idol for as long as they could manage. This test was hosted by Jeff Probst.

The Bouncy House: You didn’t really think they invented it just for kids to jump around in, did you?

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Sivan Balance Ball Fit Chair

Sivan Balance Ball Fit Chair
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