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You could be the Buzz Aldrin of Torrey Pines.

We can't make many guarantees about how your golf game will improve when you use these TaylorMade Rocketbladez Irons, but we can make general assumptions purely based off the name of the clubs and go with that.

We think that we can safely assume, based on the fact these are called Rocketbladez, your golf club will suddenly turn into a rocket ship. It will lift off the ground like a ship leaving its launch pad, and it will soar through the air to great heights and great distances.

It will travel at a speed faster than the speed of light, flying through the cosmos, gliding past the stars. It will then arc back toward the earth where it will gently land on the green, exactly where you want it to land.

Again, no guarantee, but can you really look at a name like RocketBladez and expect anything less?

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TaylorMade Rocketbladez HL Iron Set (RH)

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TaylorMade Rocketbladez HL Iron Set (RH)
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