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Your favorite team will always be winners to you (they're just losers to everyone else).

Statistically speaking, your favorite NFL team is probably not playing in the Super Bowl today. There are currently 32 teams in the NFL, only two of whom are playing today. That means that there’s only a 6% chance that the team that you love is competing (and lets be honest: the odds are a little lower depending on which team you’re a fan of).

But what does this mean for you? It means that the team you devoted yourself to all season, the team you chose to believe in despite the odds, the team you painted your face for, got a tattoo of, and spent a good chunk of your paycheck buying tickets to go see only to have to sit out in the cold while you watched them let you down time and time again is probably not playing in the Super Bowl today and most likely has a 0% chance of experiencing the glory of winning that beautiful, shiny trophy.

So what’s next? What are you left with? I’m glad you asked, because I’m here to help. Here’s what you’re going to do:

First, enjoy the game today. Just because you’re experiencing the bitter pain of loss and staring the cold, boring months of the off-season in the face doesn’t mean you can’t have a couple drinks at your friend’s house and eat a plate full of snacks covered in nacho cheese. But once you’re done with the gluttony and you’ve experienced the mild disappointment of watching the team you kind of want to win lose or the slight satisfaction of watching the team you kind of want to win win, it’s time to prepare for next season.

Next, start getting ready. Be like your favorite players and use the off season to prepare for next season.  Memorize statistics on all your team’s players. Stock up on shirts, hats, and jerseys now while they’re cheap. Print out good snack recipes so you have them on hand. And get yourself the holy grail of football fan fiestas: the NFL Portable Party Fridge. Use it to put your great white Super Bowl hopes on ice for a few months. Use it during next season’s opening game, throughout the season, into the playoffs and, hopefully, all the way to the Super Bowl. Next year will be your year.

(Of course, we also sell NFL Portable Party Fridges for the two lucky teams that are playing in the Super Bowl today. Because being in the Super Bowl just isn’t enough for you and you have to have a portable party fridge on top of everything else. It's cool, we’ve got you covered too.)

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