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"Pray, describe your qualifications."

"Well, sir, I 'ave been a footman my whole life - first at Drury Hills, then Marpleton Downs."

"I see. Then tell me, in which course would it be appropriate to set a CRKT Ikoma Sampa Combo Edge Knife?"

"That depends, sir. If it is a standard meal, then the knife should be set with the poultry or meat course, as its premium AUS stainless steel edge provides excellent cutting power."

"Hmmmm. Yes. But…"

"But if it is a gala dinner, then the knife should be served with the game course, sir."

"Excellent. And please describe the proper setting for this course."

"Yes, sir. A short-tined fork should be place on the left-hand side of the plate, equidistant between the port glass and wide-bowled claret glass. And the CRKT Combo Edge knife should be thrust, point downwards, in between the fingers of the guest's right hand such that its blade sticks in the table's surface."



"Is there anything you may have failed to mention?"



"Oh, my apologies, sir. The knife should be set between a lady's third and fourth digits, or between the second and third digits of a gentleman."

"Excellent. You may start on Tuesday. Oh, and Mr. Bradley?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Pray, do not bother wearing pants on your first day."


"Edwardian Manor is a strictly pantsless establishment."  

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CRKT Ikoma Sampa Combo Edge Knife

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