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Run! Run for your knife!

"OK, so before we begin this Yeti hunt, you need to know a few things. First, the Yeti is a very elusive creature. Chances are, we won't even see one today. But if we're going to, you're going to have to be very, very quiet."


"See, I'm glad you did that just now. It presents the perfect opportunity for me to point out a time when you're not being quiet."

"Just gettin' my blade ready."

"See, now there's another interesting opportunity, this time for me to point out that you don't need a knife when you're Yeti hunting. And certainly not a carbon steel one with black powdercoat protection and a sheath."

"Then how da ya 'spect me ta stab 'im?"

"Oh, see, I don't expect to you stab him. I don't expect you to stab him at all. The Yeti, while mysterious, is actually quite docile. We're just here to observe him in his natural habitat, should we be so fortunate."

"So... no stabbin'?"

"No stabbing."


"Now, if we just sit here very quietly for a... LOOK! There he is now! Oh how wonderful! He's coming this way! He's... oh. Oh my. He looks angry. He's got his teeth bared. And his claws are... he's going to attack! STAB HIM! STAB HIM N... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"Well do ya want me ta stab 'im or doncha? Hullo?"

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