The only thing standing between you and the girl you like is the courage to tell her how you feel. Well, that, and a 2-foot thick brick wall. Be a man! Drink some protein powder and tear the wall down with your bare hands! Bust in there and tell her how much you like her!! Have an honest conversation with her about your feelings!! Be a man and own up to your true emotions for once in your life!!! Bust through the window of a therapist’s office and talk through some of your issues. It’s ok to cry if you cry if you cry in a fit of RAGE and POWER. Drink some more protein powder!!! Develop amazing core strength but also amazing emotional strength. Get your own daytime tv talk show and council other people on their problems, then smash all the chintzy tv set furniture. DRINK SOME MORE PROTEIN POWDER!!! Get stronger and destroy everything in sight*, but build an emotional base that is much more important. YOUR FUTURE EMOTIONAL HEALTH DEPENDS ON PROTEIN POWDER**!!!

*Please take caution when destroying everything in sight.
**Protein powder probably has no proven effects on your emotional well-being.

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NAR Labs Whey Protein Isolate Blend (5 lb.)

NAR Labs Whey Protein Isolate Blend (5 lb.)
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