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Fit the whole family!

"Hey guys, check it out! I got us this Wenzel Kodiak 9-Person Tent!"

"Whoa, cool!"

"That's great!"


"Yeah, just because we're nonuplets, doesn't mean we can't enjoy the great outdoors together, right Todd?"

"I'm Derrick."

"No, I'm Derrick."

"No, you're Darren."

"Hey, I was in the bathroom. Did I hear someone say my name?"


"No, Eric."

"I said Derrick."

"There's a Derrick?"

"Yes! Me!"

"No, it's me actually."

"No, I'm Lee."

"Nobody said 'Lee.'"

"I heard someone say, 'it's me, actual Lee.'"

"You know what, let's just forget the camping trip."

"You don't get to make decisions for us, Todd!"

"I'm James."

"Wait, but then where's Todd."

But wherever they looked, they could not find Todd. He was never seen again.

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Wenzel Kodiak 9-Person Tent
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