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Not to be confused with fitness bands, the music genre that’s one part indie rock one part healthy living public service announcement.

The Walking Heads: Known for their new wave style and their belief that everyone should use a step counter to track and increase the amount of steps they take on a typical day.

Treadmill Zeppelin: A pioneer of the genre in that they focused primarily on indoor exercise and recreation. They’re best known for their hit single “StairMaster To Heaven”.

iNSync or Swim Some Laps: A pop band that used catchy hooks to promote the benefits of low-impact exercise like swimming and water aerobics.

Running DMC: A group that promoted running as a great way to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and use up extra calories. Their full name (Running Definitely Metabolizes Carbohydrates) was a friendly reminder to fans that a quick jog was all they needed to burn off their morning bagels.

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