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Some people really need to work on their core.

Not me. I'm a swimmer, so my core is already pretty awesome. Also, that's why I'm wearing this Speedo. I wear it all the time in case any kind of emergency swimming situation comes up. I really, really like swimming.

Did you know that swimming works every muscle in your body? I mean, I don't know if that's true, but I feel like it's true. That's why I have such strong, awesome-looking abs. Because I'm just out there swimming around, burning away all the fat from my torso.

But swimming is kinda my thing. Not everyone can be a swimmer, you know, and I need to make sure the swimming market doesn't get oversaturated. Hahaha...get it? Because you swim in water and water makes things saturated? Hahaha...ahhhhh.

But, seriously. Swimming is my thing. Not yours. If you want to work on your core and have awesome abs like me, you'll have to find your own thing. Maybe you could try Pilates or do some crunches or something. Or maybe you could get one of these Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout systems.

Just don't make your thing be badminton, because I think that's going to be my next thing. For when I eventually get bored of swimming.

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Wonder Core Smart Total Core Workout
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