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Go Strapless

Well, look at you. I see time’s been good to you. Not everybody your age can get away with wearing that little black strapless number. It’s a daring move, showing that much skin. But you, you look great. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: nothing’s sexier on you than the Mio ALPHA heart rate monitor and sports watch.

I love the way you let it all hang out, so free, so unencumbered. I love the way that strapless thing recalls heart rate readings. I can’t get enough of how it uses Bluetooth technology to send data about your workout to so many fitness apps. And the way that voluptuous LCD display sways when you’re jogging…it’s irresistible. Makes me just wanna run my hands over those touch sensors until the timer bleeps for mercy. Why don’t you come on up to my place later? Make sure you put on your Mio ALPHA watch first. And leave it on.

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MIO Alpha Sports Watch
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