Boots on the Ground

People always talk about “boots on the ground” like it’s some kind of big deal. “We’ve got too many boots on the ground,” they say. “We’re trying to minimize the number of boots on the ground.”

I say, what’s the problem? Boots belong on the ground. That’s what boots are made for!

I mean, yeah, maybe the lightweight EVA soles on these boots might make you think that they’re not tough enough for trekking on the ground, but I assure you, they are. They’re made for the ground!

Plus, if our boots can’t go on the ground, where are they supposed to go? On the floor indoors? Does it matter what kind of flooring we have in our house? Does it matter how clean the floor is? Where do we draw the line?!

My point is this: people can believe what they want, but we shouldn’t waste our energy trying to dictate where they put their boots.

We should focus on important issues like what we’re going to do about the economy or the places we’re sending our troops. Now there's an issue that could really use our attention.

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Teva Men's Mush Atoll Chukka Boot (2 Colors)

Teva Men's Mush Atoll Chukka Boot (2 Colors)
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