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Cuddle up, team! I mean, huddle up team! ... I mean ... cuddle up team!

Have you ever dreamed of quarterbacking for the NFL?

That pimply pigskin in your hands? Your fingers between the laces, throwing that perfect spiral?

Well, you may not have the furthest throw in the league, but you can have the comfiest!

Lay like a Raven in your oversized Baltimore fleece!

Get up from the couch while lounging in your sleeved Saints blanket? Screw Dat!

Denver can be Lethargic in Orange in their wearable blanket!

And don't forget to Recline the Monster in Indianapolis!

So get out there, champ, and show 'em that you don't need a great arm to have an amazing throw!

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NFL Player Comfy Throws

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