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Deforestation is an important issue, but no one is paying any attention to it.

Why? Because there’s too much science involved. You can tell people how important trees are to our earth’s ecosystem, but that’s way too complicated. People don’t want to listen to all that.

The best way to save the trees isn’t to give everyone some explanation with a bunch of jargon about how trees make “air” that we need to “breathe”. The best way is to make people understand what the trees can do for them.

When you use a hammock, trees are turned into beds. And there’s nothing that people like more than sleeping in a bed.

Ask them to cut down a tree and they’ll be like “Sure, whatever.” Ask them to get rid of their own beds and they’ll say “No way! I need that!”

Hammocks turn trees into beds and people will go a long way to protect their own bed. Buy a hammock, save some trees, and save the planet.

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