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How easy is it to put up an EZ-Up Canopy?

Let me put it this way:

It’s a lot easier than trying to find a wild duck and convince him to hop into your car and ride home with you and swim around in your bathtub for awhile so you can take a video of it to post online.

It’s definitely easier than baking yourself into a life-sized cake so you can leave it on your neighbor’s doorstep and then pop out of it in his house when he’s not there and look through all the secret stuff he has.

It’s even easier than navigating down the coast on a raft you built yourself using only the stars (and the GPS on your phone) as a guide.

But what about trying to use your laptop as a bear trap by luring the bears in with pictures of fish and berries and whatever else bears like and then snapping the laptop closed on their paws as they reach for it?

Yes. It’s even easier than that.

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