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Giant foam puzzle! Giant foam puzzle!....wait, it's for exercising?

Look, I was the National Puzzle Champion of 2013—well, 3rd place if we're counting everyone at the retirement home—but I draw the line at having to then use the puzzle for health & general wellness. THIS WILL NOT STAND. Because it's a floor puzzle. It's not meant to stand. Whatever.

I mean, I do enjoy rolling around on the mat and everything, usually when I'm trying to digest after an all-burrito supreme dinner, but what else could I possibly use this for?

[very handsome yoga instructor demonstrates the many uses of the Interlocking Foam Exercise Mat during a montage set to Swedish death metal]

Wow. What just happened? Who was that? How...? Ok, I get the picture. Perhaps this year I will just try to do a better job of staying fit—[ding]​ oh, excuse me, my burritos are done!

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