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When it comes to a zombie apocalypse, it’s not a matter of if, but when.

But we have an exciting new theory as to what will be the cause of our race’s impending doom.

Though it’s natural to assume that it will be the zombies that cause the apocalypse, we’d like to propose a radical new theory: it will actually be the apocalypse that causes the zombies.

Our theory portends that after some other, regular apocalypse happens on earth, people willingly turn to the cannibalizing life of a zombie for lack of any tastier food options.

I mean, could you blame them? Could you really live off of a diet of white rice and canned beans?

No way! Which is why civilization’s only hope of avoiding such a disaster depends so heavily on the tastiness of the emergency meals we stock for ourselves.

Don’t just survive the zombie apocalypse! Prevent it. Make sure you and your family have enough delicious snacks and meals to survive happily in case of emergency.

Otherwise, you just might end up eating each other.

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