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In the land of the dehydrated, the water-bearer is king.

Do you recall the magical era of the 1960s? Ah, yes! The dawning of the age of Aquarius! The water-bearer! Everyone foretold the rise of they who did bear water! Well, guess what. Prophecy fulfilled.

It's over forty years since that glorious summer, and we've finally reached where we as a species were always meant to be. Today we can all be water-bearers! Today we can carry the water on our backs and share with one another in a big, moist, fluid-filled sacksplosion built on the hopes and dreams of those who came before. We, friends, are the stewards and watchpersons of the Aquarian age, be we Ultralight or be we Technical.

The age of the water-bearer is here. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

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