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"Greetings sport aficionado!"

"A fair 'morrow to thee, fellow sport enthusiast."

"I can see by your MLB team logo track jacket that you are devotee of a particular athletics organization. This is not an organization that I care for."

"Duly noted by your own MLB team logo track jacket! In fact, the baseball club of your choosing is one I find singularly contemptible!"

"We are adversaries, then!"

"Without direct participation in the events to which we are dedicated!"

"Wonderful! I find friendships formed around a mutual animosity to be the very core of the game!"

"As do I! In fact, I was just commenting on the like in my dream journal."

"Marvellous! I should like to read your dream journal."

"Tut tut! Let our shared enmity grow to a white heat before our newly-formed bond shall be so!"

"Then let us begin that journey. Shall we away to the stadium?"


They link arms and skip off to the Major League Baseball theme.

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Major League Baseball Track Jackets

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