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It's a gym in your home whether it's blocked by boulders or not.

Hi, my name's Tim. A few weeks ago, several massive boulders broke off from a nearby mountain, tumbled down to my house in the valley, and lodged themselves in front of my various doorways and windows, making it so that I can't leave. And now, I'd like to tell you about my Flex Force Chair Gym!

With 50 exercises in just one compact machine, the Flex Force Chair Gym is great for anyone looking to get in shape without leaving the house, whether that's their desire or the circumstances forced upon them by a number of rogue boulders. And what's more, it folds up so that it can easily be put away in case you don't want it out when your friends arrive for a casual get-together, or just to make room for all the rescue workers that will flood into your home once they've found out about your situation and jack-hammered through all the boulders holding you prisoner.

Why, I'd recommend the Flex Force Chair Gym to anyone: from the beginner who's just looking to build a little bit of muscle, to the person who's trying to get so strong that he or she can move a series of unfortunately placed boulders. Even people who are simply looking for a comfortable place to sit down, close their eyes, and attempt to remember a time before the boulders, a time of going outside at will, a time that they're less and less sure wasn't just an elaborate dream--even they will find great value in the Flex Force Chair Gym!

So what are you waiting for? Invest in your own Flex Force today! And then maybe go outside and see if any houses in your neighborhood are covered with strange boulders. Just a thought.

End transmission.

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Flex Force 50-in-1 Resistance Chair Gym
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