This is not the kind of band that you were in back in high school. This one actually has a future.

We're not going to say that Soleus Go! is a good name. Oh, man. It sounds very much like the kind of band you would have made in 11th Grade when you just figured anyone holding a guitar and using a drum machine automatically became a billionaire. And, just like when you moved to 12th Grade, it's a name you'll easily forget. What you WON'T forget is how this fitness band will help you keep track of all the numbers that make your life, well, better.

Steps? Counted. Calories burned? Counter. How well you sleep? Counted. Caller ID? Counte- wait, what? And text message notifications too?

This certainly would have been much more useful than your 11th Grade bass player. You remember, he didn't tell you your girlfriend called and then tried to date her after you two broke up. Ah, the joy of bands...

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Soleus Go! Fitness Band

Soleus Go! Fitness Band
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