How often do you have guests in that guest bedroom anyway? Why can't it be TWO rooms at once?

It's all well and good to have a single empty room in the house to show how mighty and powerful you are. But let us be suuuper real for a moment, okay? The truth is as follows: the guest bedroom isn't part of society any more. Most of our friends are nearby, or are talking to us via the Internet and only show up in person to leech a free vacation. Nine times out of ten, those visitors are either staying late, then sleeping in their own beds after driving home, or would be perfectly happy to sleep on a comfy comfy air mattress that you set up in front of the TV. Which, incidentally, would look great in a home theater in the space that used to be your worthless "guest bedroom" that goes unused like 95% of the year.

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Queen Size Raised Air Matresses
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