It’s not just a backpack, it’s a survival tool.

You can put whatever you want in your backpack, but I recommend loading it up with survival gear and carrying it everywhere with you in case of emergency. I keep mine with me all the time and I keep it packed with the basics: freeze dried food, first aid supplies, and flare guns.

But I’m also ready for disasters of the everyday variety.

Ever been so bored that it was physically painful? I’m prepared with travel versions of a variety of fun board games.

Forget a friend’s birthday? I’ve got backup birthday cards.

Need to steal some food from a buffet? I’ve got plastic baggies in an array of sizes.

Realize you’re out of sugar while you’re in the middle of making cookies? I’ve got an extra 3/4 cup on me at all times.

Find a stray dog out on the street? I've got a backup collar and leash.

Find $100 on the ground? I’ve got backup deposit slips so you can take your money safely to the bank.

Or, if it’s the kind of emergency where civilized society has collapsed and banks are no longer safe, I’ve got a collapsable trowel and airtight containers suitable for burying money for the long term. You know, just in case.

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Kelty Mens and Womens Hiking Backpacks

Kelty Mens and Womens Hiking Backpacks
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