Gun Safes: They’re not just for guns anymore. But they’re still safe, I’m pretty sure.

Top 8 Things to Keep in Your Boyt Digital Gun Safe (Besides Guns):

1. Every birthday card anyone's ever given you. Open it up and read them when you feel sad.

2. Cookies. Especially if you have particularly good cookies and/or bad kids.

3. Super sharp knives. They’re just as dangerous as guns, really.

4. Water guns. It’s a good joke for anyone who opens it expecting to find a “real” gun.

5. Your entire savings account (in large bills if it’s too big to fit). You just can’t trust the banks these days.

6. A tiny diorama of a prehistoric world complete with mini-dinosaurs, mini-palm trees, and mini-cavemen. And a tiny working volcano!

7. Your credit card. And your cash. And some pictures of your kid. It'd basically be a big metal wallet.

8. A framed picture of Matt Damon and a single long stemmed rose. (This one’s self explanatory.)

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